This archival web page was frozen in its current form for historical record in January, 2004, and is provided courtesy of the Downsize DC Foundation.

The Supreme Court's Decision is in


The Decision is in

Reply Brief filed with the Supreme Court
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   180kb .pdf

Response of Appellants filed
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   97kb .pdf

Brief for Appellants filed
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   161kb .pdf

Jurisdictional Statement filed to appeal case to Supreme Court
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   188kb .pdf

Federal District Court delivers convoluted 1,600-page decision in our case (See article at right)

Beaumont Amicus Project:

   186k .pdf

Beaumont Amicus Project

Miller's Report

Cloud's Declaration

Howell's Declaration

Willis' Expert Testimony

Operation Free Press
Includes radio commercials!

Press release

Other plaintiffs
Rep. Ron Paul (R), TX

Gun Owners of America

Citizens United, Inc.

Carla Howell (L), candidate for governor, MA

Michael Cloud (L) candidate for US Senate, MA

Real Campaign, Inc.
The following require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat

The Brief for Appellants/Cross-Appellees Senator McConnell, et. al.

The Transcript of the Oral Arguments

Syllabus of the Decision

Opinion on Titles I and II

Opinion on Titles III and IV

Opinion on Title V

Rehnquist's Dissent

Steven's Dissent

Opinion of Scalia

Opinion of Thomas

Opinion of Kennedy

The legal firm representing the case is William J. Olson, P.C., of McLean, VA. Serving as senior counsel are William J. Olson of McLean, VA and Herb Titus of Virginia Beach, VA.
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Monopoly Politics
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